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10 accessories to try- hair gear

10 accessories to try- hair gear

I woke up late this morning and had to rush to work. My shoes ended up not matching my outfit, and I had to change them, so I skipped breakfast and tried on shoes instead. Then there was my hair. I have curly hair, and I was so not in the mood to deal with that. Normally I’d sit to work on my hair for almost thirty minutes, but not today. I keep hacks for days like these. And I’m going to dish.

The Greek hair band/wrap The Greek hair band/wrap

This accessory has saved me so many times. There are days I just don’t want to deal with my wild curls, and on those days, I pin my hair into a messy bun with two or three clips and then wrap that whole mass up with one of these, and I look just fab; I keep a collection. You can use the ones with flowers or beads too, or go plain with the simple gold band. If you’re really into it, then you can try the ones with flowers.

asos-hair-band The clips and pins

The clips and pins11 The clips and pins2 The clips and pins 1

Keep a basket full of these. Pins, clips, bobby pins, hair clasps and clutches, long pins and the bun-n-sticks; you can’t have enough of these. Flowers, beads, wool, spun, bows, stars, bugs, butterflies, sequenced, with stones, laced or plain studs; they pair with any outfit well, and they’re not just for weddings and parties. And they make you feel really pretty, so it’s an immediate shot of confidence.

The bandana

The bandana

You can wear it Betty, with the knot at the top, or you can go seventies and wrap it around, or you can wear it real cutesy with a big bow on the top. Of course you can wrap it around your head the traditional way, but that’s not something I’d do since it’s like a big fashion no-no for me.

You can wear it Betty

The bandana_2

The hair extension clip/hairband

The hair extension cliphairband

The mere thought of having someone else’s detached hair fixed onto my head spooks me good, but the trade-offs that come with it make me grit my teeth and do it. And no that’s not me.

The hair extension cliphairband_1

The hair extension works wonders when you want to temporarily fix your hair with volume of length. They are available as hair bands or clips, and there are extensions for bangs on the front specifically. They are worth it and don’t worry about people thinking you’re losing hair or something silly like that; it’s something everyone does once in a while, and they’re just like hair extensions, only easier to put on or take off.

The bun maker

The bun maker

The bun maker started off as an instant quick fix for professional dancers, but quickly gained popularity owing to its ease of use and the clean result.

There are many kinds of bun makers but this is the one I use:

The bun maker_1

This works like a wrap and I roll my hair in between to get that perfect parlour-perfect coiffure. It takes like five minutes and I’m all set to look super professional and serious.

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