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10 Flowering Vines to Add Beauty (and Privacy) to Your Backyard

Everyone can use a bit of shade and privacy in the backyard. Thankfully, flowering vines are an excellent way to add color and texture while creating a living privacy screen. Most climbing flowering vines grow fast and require very little maintenance. Round out your garden’s design with a vertical element by planting and caring for one of these 10 gorgeous climbing flowers.


Reliably cold-hardy to zone 4, First Editions Summer Cascade Wisteria is a fast grower and can quickly cover a pergola, fence, or garden feature with lovely lilac purple flowers in June. If you’re looking for that early-season color followed by lush summer foliage, attractive seedpods, and stunning fall color, Summer Cascade is an easy-to-grow, purple flowering vine.


Clematis is a favorite perennial vine because it scrambles up trellises and climbs over arbors and fences year after year, weaving a rich tapestry of color and texture. The Sparky series is an early-blooming clematis that embraces the season with fabulous, spiky flowers, and it’s durable and easy to grow. This spring bloomer doesn’t even need pruning-plant it on a trellis, railing, or other structure and enjoy the show. The vine is available in three colors: Sparky Pink, Sparky Purple, and Sparky Blue.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

If you are interested in a fast-growing annual vine that will give you color all summer long, Lemon A-Peel Black-Eyed Susan Vine will not disappoint. This vigorous grower will happily climb up whatever support you give it and deliver fun, bright yellow blooms until the first frost. The vine is hardy in zones 10 to 11 but can be grown annually in all zones.


First Editions Autumn Revolution Bittersweet is a cultivated native, self-fruiting North American species. While many bittersweet varieties require a pollinating partner plant, Autumn Revolution has “perfect” flowers, meaning it can create fruit all on its own. Although this flowering vine has beautiful blooms, most people are interested in this plant’s vibrant orange berries, which are showstoppers in the fall and winter months. The foliage is gorgeous and disease-resistant and the fall color is lovely.


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