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The 15-Minutes to Your Best Booty Workout


Start on all fours, then lower forearms onto floor with elbows aligned under shoulders and knees under hips. Place a small rolled-up towel behind left knee. Lift both knees, coming up onto balls of feet. Lift left foot off floor, bringing knee toward chest. Push left heel toward ceiling, knee bent, as shown. Hold one count and lower, keeping both knees off floor. Do 10 reps; on the final rep, do 20 small pulses with heel pushing up. Switch sides and repeat.



Works: Butt, obliques
A. Lie on right side with right elbow under shoulder, as shown, knees bent 90 degrees in front of body with legs stacked. Place left hand behind head and left elbow out to side. Draw left knee toward chest, bringing left elbow toward knee.
B. Extend left leg behind you, as shown, pointing toes and squeezing glutes. Do 15 reps; switch sides and repeat.

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