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1991 Vs 2021 – Bobbi Brown’s 4 Essential Tips For Updating Your Make-Up

She’s the industry icon that changed how we apply our make-up forever, founded a world-famous beauty brand, and then left it, and reimagined eyebrows for an entire generation. In fact, we challenge you to name someone who’s had as big an impact on the way we view our faces as legendary make-up artist, Bobbi Brown. We’ll wait…

Having founded her eponymous brand back in 1991 with just a capsule collection of lipsticks, Brown has spent the past 30 years transforming the beauty industry, one make-up innovation at a time. Now, with her latest venture, Jones Road Beauty, launching in the UK, Brown is back and on a mission to modernise the way we do our faces.

From regretful super skinny brows (‘I never liked them, even at the time’), to heavily layered foundation, read on for Bobbi Brown’s pro secrets to ditching the dodgy nineties beauty trends by giving them a thoroughly modern 2021 twist…

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