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5 Things You Need To Consider Before A Haircut

5 Things You Need To Consider Before A Haircut

While haircuts may seem like a normal routine procedure, for us beauty girls, they’re anything but simple. Our hair is pretty important to us, so it’s no secret that we want it to look the best it possibly can. Unfortunately, it’s safe to say we’ve all been scarred by a bad haircut (or two) before. To ensure there’s smooth sailing the next time you let anyone take scissors to those sacred strands, here are five things you need to consider before you hop in the hair-chair.

1. Your Hair Texture. Certain styles match better with certain hair types, so it’s best to know kind of hair you have before the cut. Will your curly hair work with a pixie cut or will a one-length cut make your straight hair look stringy? These are definitely things to think over and consult with your stylist before they break out the scissors.

2. Your Lifestyle. It’s no secret that some haircuts can be pretty high maintenance. Sure, it looks great when you leave the salon—but are you prepared to recreate the look yourself? Think about how you’ll have to style your new ‘do. If it’s time consuming, are you ready to commit?

3. Your Color. If you already have color, such as highlights, in your hair, they may look choppy and misplaced once you cut it. In this case, when you’re planning your new cut, you can’t forget your new color (or perhaps a little touch-up) to go along with it.

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