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6 pink indoor plants to brighten up your home

There are many reasons to introduce indoor plants to your home: they’re fragrant, air-purifying, and easy to look after. While nothing beats a classic leafy green plant like Monstera deliciosa or fiddle leaf fig, the latest plant trend proves that pink is the new green.

Considering most contemporary homes follow a pared-back and sophisticated colour palette, pink houseplants can add a pop of colour to your space. They also make for an eye-catching addition to your windowsill and are sure to be the prettiest addition to your plant collection.

Here’s our round-up of pink plants that will liven up any room.

1. Pink succulents

These smooth and small plants come in many varieties, including Echeveria Laui, Pink Moonstone, Pink Granite and rubrotinctum aurora, which is also dubbed the Jelly Bean plant for its bean-like leaves.

2. Ficus tineke ruby

This stand-out houseplant has pretty foliage and glossy pink leaves. It’s drought-tolerant, frost-sensitive, and requires indirect sunlight to thrive.


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