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The 8 Common Painting Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes


At the foundation of a great many DIY projects and crafty makeovers is one unifying medium: paint. It’s the fastest way to transform rooms, furniture, lamps, planters, and so much more. While the whole process is quite simple, it’s also surprisingly simple to muck up your paint project with a few silly mistakes. Flip ahead, see how many you’ve committed in prior paint jobs, and steer clear of these common pitfalls for a more polished and professional outcome the next time around.


Choosing Inferior Applicators

After spending big bucks on paint, you might be inclined to buy cheap brushes and rollers in effort to cut costs. However, in order to get professional results, you’ll need to start with good quality tools. Investing in applicators is well worth the extra expense.


Improper Preparation

When it comes to painting, you always want to start with a blank slate. Wash your walls and make sure all repair work is done prior to applying any paint. For paint to go on smoothly, your wall should be clean, dry, and free of any loose debris.


Skipping the Tape

Attention to detail is what separates good work from great work. For clean lines and professional-looking results, don’t skip the painter’s tape. Taping ensures that you’ll have the crisp edges you want. To prevent bleeding, make sure the tape is sealed tightly around baseboards, windows, and molding.

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