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’90s Celebrity Outfits You Can Absolutely Still Wear Today

Amidst a Gen Z fashion takeover in which skinny jeans are on trial and a handful of questionable trends are coming back to haunt us, some of the most popular trends of the 90s are resurfacing, giving millennials something to hold on to. Naturally, we’re relying on throwback pictures as a source of inspiration, but that doesn’t just mean flipping through old family photos (though that’s certainly an option). We’ve also been reviewing the best of the best celebrity outfits from the ’90s as a reference point, and needless to say, there’s plenty worth copying.

You may have noticed that ’90s fashion trends have been trickling back into our social feeds and on clothing racks for some time now (think mom jeans, skorts, thong pants, etc.), but stylists and designers are fully embracing the alternative era’s aesthetic for fall 2021. Unfortunately, we can’t rewind and relive the happenings of that decade verbatim, but we can draw inspiration from the most iconic looks from that time period, reimagining them to coexist with the trends of today.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the most memorable outfits worn by some of the most popular celebrities of the ’90s. From Jennifer Aniston’s little black dresses to Tyra Banks in all denim, these are just a few looks you can still (and absolutely should) wear today.

rior to her role as Cher Horowitz in Clueless, Alicia Silverstone never considered herself particularly fashionable. The actress admitted to Us Weekly’s Stylish that before the film, she didn’t “have any interest or understanding about fashion,” and while to this day she still doesn’t claim to be a fashion icon, some of her most iconic looks were worn off-screen.

We especially loved her in this black satin suit moment from the 1994 MTV Movie Awards. It’s sexy in a buttoned-up sort of way, and the satin material definitely screams ’90s fashion. That being said, monochromatic two-pieces have been on-trend since 2020, thanks in large to the pandemic, making Silverstone’s blazer and trousers combo the perfect option for a relaxed yet sleek outfit for both work and play…


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