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Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

Sure, a room can look stylish and elegant without an accent wall. But once you add such a concentrated splash of color and pattern, you’ll take the design to a bold new level.

An accent wall is a portion of a room that has a special treatment — and therefore garners special attention. Some walls become these focal points by default because they house the wide-screen, fireplace, or another naturally dominant feature. A deliberate accent wall has a decorative component to it: It may be painted a bold color that’s different than the other walls. It might be the only wall covered in artistic wallpaper. Or, you might choose to arrange your complete collection of vintage posters on an accent wall. The effect of this narrowly focused dose of design is to boost the room to a new level of liveliness. And it doesn’t have to cost much. The point of an accent wall is to pack tons of style into a small area, so you often don’t have to invest in a lot of materials to make the wall sing. As you can see in this laundry room, the accent wall pushes aside the utilitarian feel of the space by introducing color, pattern, and a touch of femininity — all with just a few feet of wallpaper.

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