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Addison Rae Claims She Had to ‘Work That Much Harder’ to Start Acting

Addison Rae said that she had to “work that much harder” for her acting career.


Last September, it was announced that the TikTok star would star in He’s All That, a remake of ’90s rom-com classic, She’s All That. But according to reports, this time around they’re swapping the genders by having Rae play an influencer who makes over her nerdy male classmate into a potential prom king.

That said, critics were quick to deride a recent clip from the film that was posted last week, with many arguing that “TikTokers need to stay on TikTok” and saying that “the fact that she gained her fame through tiktok and became an actress is unfair.” Granted, it now appears as if Rae was already expecting some pushback seeing as how she directly addressed the criticism in a new interview for Elle.

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