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Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet


It is 2015, and hello summer, so for all intensive purposes, the only things you’ll need to keep with you at all times is your phone, and maybe your credit card, just in case. Money in its physical form is on the way out as far as public consumer transactions go. And who would carry around that giant bulky, IDK, sack large enough to put diced pieces of almost half a dead body in; except maybe to work or class. Even a fanny pack would make more sense.

And the clutch is cute, if you can fit your phone into it, but it doesn’t go with the casual stuff, and you never have enough free hands, and the thing starts getting bulky after a few outings, and you need to clean the thing and free it of really important useless bits of paper you, for some unfathomable reason, do not want to get rid of, ever.

Being ladylike is way too tough, even if you make it ‘look’ like it’s a breeze. So there needs to be an alternative in every girl’s closet, for that coffee at three pm or the drive by at eleven, or that idle walk by the bazaar or the beach, or the movies, or that basement thingie you’re going to where you are more than likely to lose your precious little electronic(s) among other things.

So here are the contenders to the sling rug sack you call your wallet.

The postman bag

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet

Do not confuse this one with its bulkier cousin the military supplies bag. This bag is the one you’ll see most hipsters with; it is the bag that bus conductors and postmen used, back in the day, and some of them still do, in some countries. Your best option is leather or suede. It’s quite sturdy, and is generally slung over your shoulders across, so that someone doesn’t run of with it. It will fit your tablet and your tiny bottle of lady perfume too.

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet_1

The boho gypsy sling bag

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet_2

They’re a lot like the messenger bags, but they’re not the same; ideally made with many different materials, these pretty looking bags come is all shapes and sizes. They’re a gypsy thing, from another era, and they were made to look like they belonged to gypsies, primarily so you wouldn’t take their bags by mistake, or something like that, coz the gypsies were known to lynch people for that; anyway the bags are always super personalised, so don’t be afraid to add all your own stuff onto the bag, lace, beads, ripped stuff, anything, as long as it’s not the clichéd pin series on the front.

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet_3

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet_4

The tiny handbag

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet_5

It looks really small, like a clutch with a thick strap; Channel, D&G and a couple of super brands have released them solely for the Diva who doesn’t want to carry the ting in her hand. The strap is made to be slug across, and some versions come with the hookable strap, so you can use your own straps.

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet_6

They’re available in different colours and sizes, depending on your phone and how much you’ll leech out of your account.

The average mini travel(-ish) bag

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet_7

They kind of look like mini travel bags, the ones you keep all you essentials and toiletries in, sorry, and the main version is the 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder cross body bag. Of course all the big brands are in on it, if it weren’t for the brand names, they’d simply be shaving kits.

Bags for your phone or tablet or phablet_8

All these bags are meant to be used only for Le Gadget, so they have long straps for the cross body carry mode, and they go with any shoes. I am partial to leather, so I’d say the handbag anyday, which is what I got myself, but I do have a collection of the gypsy bags, coz they look way cooler.

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