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Before you begin practicing YOGA

Before you begin practicing YOGA

The benefits of Yoga have gained worldwide attention since the twentieth century. Yoga is being practiced in the ashrams of India since ancient times. Here are few tips on beginning yoga practice.

  1. Before you begin to practice yoga, gather as much information as possible about it. Your knowledge will reason out all your doubts. Start with the basic aspects of yoga and build a good foundation.
  2. Start with the beginner poses, which includes the standing poses, sun salutations, shoulder and hip movements, twists, inversions and finishing poses. In case you find any difficulty, do not stress on it. If you feel any pain, stop and consult a physician before you can resume your practice.
  3. Make sure you are learning yoga from a qualified instructor. There are fitness organizations that certify the instructors, make sure it is available and current. Organizations such as AFAA, Les Mills, ACE, etc.
  4. During yoga practice, keep your mind totally away from any distractions. Forget your cell phone, forget your office troubles, forget the rest of the world. It’s your solitude and you deserve your “Me” time. Keep your mind at peace and then start your practice.
  5. Focus on your breath all the time, it helps reduce stress and prepares your mind. Listening to meditational tracks enhances the experience. Make the most out of the practice. Relaxation is a learned practice as much as any other physical practice. You need to learn to de-stress your mind and bring it to rest. Get void of all thoughts and just concentrate on your breathing pattern.
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