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The Best Hair Trends of 2014


From shocking yet soft pastel colors to the revival of the simple low ponytail, 2014 was a landmark year when it comes to hair trends. The theme of the year was most definitely contrast, as achievable, natural hair (see tousled, lived-in waves) as well as intense braiding techniques popped up on the runways and in the real world everywhere.

As 2014 comes to a close, we’re looking back and ranking the 10 best trends that we’ll happily bring along into the new year. Because 2015 should have as many great hair days as possible, right?


The classic ballerina bun was updated in 2014 with plenty of proportion, playful braids, and elegant twists. Not only does this style make for an easy on-the-go look, it’s appropriate for just about any occasion.


Pastel shades of pink, lavender, and blue were all huge and slightly shocking hair trends that continued into this year, whether permanently dyed or incorporated in streaks with temporary hair chalk. The look popped up all over the runways and the streets and is an unexpected way to add a feminine touch to your overall look.


Chic, simple, and achievable in less than five minutes, the appeal of the low ponytail can easily be understood. This year, the look revolved around a sleek, flyaway-free middle part and lots of texture in the hair pulled back.

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