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The Fitness Inspiration You Can Use to Finally Kick Your Butt into Gear

The Fitness Inspiration You Can Use to Finally Kick Your Butt into Gear

Many of us choose to put’ “eat healthier” or “join a gym” on our long list of New Year’s resolutions – and we probably even really mean it. But when it comes to getting started, that’s easier said than done. We know the results we want, we just need some inspiration to get there!

Ask for a new workout outfit for Christmas:

Having new workout clothes that you can’t wait to wear makes it easier to get dressed for the gym or a class, says Katherine Mason, a Lagree Fitness instructor, Wilhelmina Fitness New York City model and SculptHouse boutique studio CEO.

Make it a date:

Plan a trip to a class with a friend and plan to get a bite to eat or a juice after class. Making it social makes it more fun and makes it harder to back out at the last minute, says Mason.

Make a plan:

Brainstorm your 2015 fitness goals and write them down somewhere where you can see them every day. This will remind you what you want, keep you motivated and hold you accountable, says Mason. After you write down your goals, find a way to achieve them. Try out a few fitness classes and find one that you really love going to. Go three times a week and add a few runs to that routine. If you find yourself skipping classes, get a workout buddy to help hold you accountable and get you into class. If that doesn’t work, a trainer might be the best answer. You will be paying enough to where you will want to get your money’s worth and you also have someone expecting you to be there at a certain time. Accountability and consistency is everything.

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