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Flowering Shrubs And Bushes – Types Of Flowering Shrubs

Just like some people light up a room, some shrubs light up your yard. Many of these are flowering bushes and shrubs that rely on their showy blossoms to capture all eyes. Not all flowering shrub varieties are up to the job though, so don’t just grab and go at the garden store. If all flowering bushes don’t carry the same appeal, how to pick the types of flowering shrubs that are most ornamental? No problem! Just use the flowering shrubs list below that includes many of our very favorite selections.

Flowering Bushes and Shrubs

Bushes and shrubs are virtually interchangeable terms used to describe woody plants that aren’t quite tall enough to be called trees. There is no official height cutoff however, and many taller shrubs are called short trees, while shorter trees are called large shrubs.

Bushes and shrubs also tend to have more than one stem or trunk. This is not universally true but a rule of thumb. And though all woody plants have flowers, we are focusing on the small set that have attractive or showy blossoms, as opposed to flowerlike structures.  This excludes conifer from the round-up.

Types of Flowering Shrubs

There are a variety of ways to divide flowering shrubs into categories. One is evergreen versus deciduous. These are plants that don’t drop their leaves in fall and include most conifers as well as broadleaf evergreens like holly, Indian hawthorn, azalea, glossy abelia, gardenia and thorny Elaeagnus.



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