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How beauty tech sits pretty at the core of L’Oréal’s brand action

The pandemic hasn’t been easy on any industry. An unprecedented calamity for modern times, Covid-19 made its menacing presence felt on the balance sheets of all the businesses, creating a challenging atmosphere to work in. For the beauty industry, which largely depends on the touch-and-feel of products and trial stories, it was a unique challenge to maintain the customers and also acquiring new ones.

As per estimates, the industry slipped by 8 per cent in 2020, the first-ever slump in its recorded history. However, the contented first-ever cosmetics group worldwide, L’Oréal used this moment in history as an opportunity to push forwards its digitisation plans and curated a unique experience for its customers.

Speaking about their heightened digitisation efforts here, L’Oréal India Chief Digital Officer Anil Chilla shared, “The pandemic has undoubtedly led to changes and, in some areas, acceleration of existing trends in the consumer behaviour within the beauty category. There is a heightened concern for health and safety. Online purchasing habits are evolving, presenting new opportunities for brands.”

He elaborated that people are increasingly getting interested in self-care and DIY solutions for hair colouring etc.

“Our brands have moved to address this trend effectively by educating them on DIY and enabling them to pick the best care solutions digitally. Using digital channels and online training to guide consumers in their DIY journey. We have hosted numerous live streaming sessions with our brand experts as well as influencers to interact with consumers and help educate them on DIY hair colouration, eye makeup trends, makeup for video-conferences etc.”

But the buck doesn’t stop at DIY. People are still conscious about how they look and won’t deny expert guidance on several matters. That pushed the brand to build a new social commerce model for its salon partners, driving retail business to more than 20K salons and training over 80K hairdressers in the process.

All this truly evolved L’Oréal into a beauty tech company, which is expanding on the back of the digital revolution within all its domains.



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