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How to raise a healthy dog?


If you are in love with your little pug, you would always want to ensure that he stays fits and happy for as long as he lives with you. And in order to ensure that, you have to take the right steps towards your dog’s health and wellbeing. While caring for your dog, there are some basics that you should aways bear in your mind. These basic rules that deal with everything from training to feeding your dog are essential to keep your pet happy, healthy and more importantly, stress free.

When you first bought your cute, little dog home, you might have thought that you would be able to easily ensure his wellbeing but as time passes, you will soon realize that it is not all that easy. Initially, you might have exchanged some loving gazes but the relationship between you and your pug also requires some work. Owning a pet is definitely taking on your shoulders an additional responsibility. From training to feeding your little pug, you have to take quite a lot of effort and yes, patience too to make sure that your dog leads a stress-free life in your company. The fact is that you don’t have too many years to spend with your pet so as long as you are with your pug, let each day be healthy and happy.

The basic rules to raise a healthy dog

We all love the cute dogs that we own and because their care is important, we bring to you here some very basic rules that will form a guide for your pet care regime.

  1. Get an annual physical examination

Get an annual physical examination

Your dog may appear to be absolutely healthy and happy too. He might be going on regular walks or jogs with you and play with you as well. But your dog needs annual physical examinations. An in-depth vet examination every year will bring to your notice unidentified health and wellbeing conditions. The fact is that dogs age at an accelerated pace, this means that you will never realize how soon a certain illness will catch pace in your pet. Early detection is essential to provide the right treatment to your dog and the best way to do this is to have your dog regularly examined.

  1. Protect your dog against pests but with some restraint

Protect your dog against pests but with some restraint

Pests are a very common trouble with your pet. As dogs tend to be out more often, they tend to attract pest infestation and to be true, a pest infestation is more harmful than even the side effects of any pesticides. While you can treat your dog to prevent fleas, ticks, heart worm and other ickies; make sure that you don’t overdo it. Do only those treatments that are necessary. Check with your local vets to identify the pests in your area and only treat your dog against those pests. Overusing pest treatments (lotions or injectables) will bother your dog’s natural immune system.

  1. Have an eye for details

Have an eye for details

Closely observe your dog and his behavior often. Your dog can indicate a lot on how it feels physically and mentally with certain gestures. Check the position of your dog’s ears and tail or it’s pattern of breathing, look whether he is scratching himself too much or licking his paws uncontrollably – all these are signs of distress that need immediate attention.

  1. Provide high quality dog food

Provide high quality dog food

Your dog needs good quality dog food. Make sure you provide him the right amount and type of nutrition as this will go a long way in ensuring his long term health and wellbeing.

  1. Keep your dog slender

Keep your dog slender

With dogs, it is good for them to be slim. This tends to increase their life span. Chubby and too fluffy dogs tend to have health issues as they age.

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