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Jardigans, denim and zebra pants: Welcome to the new office dress code

Office workers are rushing to refresh their wardrobes as companies start calling employees back to their cubicles. But after months at home in pajamas, the back-to-workers are looking to trade in traditional office attire for more comfortable clothing. Pencil skirts, suit pants and classic black are out. Today’s office worker is brightly dressed, focusing on wide, loose-fitting clothing and softer fabrics, according to major U.S. retailers.

“We as a business evolved our merchandising to talk more about ‘power casual,’” Sarah LaFleur, CEO of the women’s work wear company M.M.LaFleur, told NBC News. “Formality wise, it’s one step down from business casual. There is definitely something below that, that is still a dress code similar to how women who work in media or in the tech space might dress.”

The company’s new line, which includes a “jardigan,” or blazer made out of soft cardigan material, has been booming. Before the country went into lockdown last spring, casual work wear made up about 25 percent of M.M.LaFleur sales; now, it’s 60 percent.


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