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We’re just snipping away at hair care myths, aren’t we?

We're just snipping away at hair care myths, aren't we?

Sorry, folks. Patience seems to be the only cure for short hair, after all.

When I was 19 and spending a summer abroad, I thought it would be super fun to chop off my hair in an Italian salon. My extremely long tresses were shortened into a chin-length bob with just a few snips. How cool am I? I thought. Within a day, though, I looked in the mirror and asked, what have you done? I spent the rest of the summer longing for hair I could throw back into a ponytail.

Can you really speed up your hair’s growth?

Supposedly, regular trims would encourage my hair to grow faster, so I could ditch my awkward bob. I dutifully went back to my little Italian salon throughout the summer with hope in my heart, only to feel disappointed with my hair growth results.

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