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Little Boy’s Reaction To Finally Being Adopted…


After 832 days in foster care, Michael Brown was adopted by a family that loves him dearly.

The Brown family — who ironically have the same last name as Michael — took him under their wing in February 2015. On Tuesday, December 20, his adoption was final.

Michael was just a little happy about it.
adopted-boy-happy-reaction-1Actually, Michael was ecstatic.

The 3-year-old was so incredibly excited, he told everyone in the courthouse the big news, BuzzFeed reports.

After the deal was done, he took photos with his two adoptive sisters, Dezhianna and Jordae of Pheonix, Arizona. In the photos, they’re sitting beside their new little brother, and he’s in a state of pure bliss. His smile is making me smile. In fact, it’s making me sob because I’m so freakin’ happy for the little dude.

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