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Peroxide – would you pull a Kim?


Kim Kardashian’s platinum blonde hair is kind of overshadowing the Paris Fashion Week, and the look is sort of a show stopper for way too many reasons. In light of the hype surrounding her locks, I have to talk about it; I mean it got more attention than the dress!!!

I guess who she is and the man she keeps helped with the publicity, and she did give us a heads up sometime last year with the whole blonde wig. Okay the platinum blond look suits her way better than the regular blonde wig, but the off colour eye brows are an eye sore, why didn’t she colour them too? Yes, you need to colour your brows too when you do a global colour coverage, that’s what it’s called, stupid.


So this nasty write up is dedicated to those of you who are planning on making a change, and going blonde or brunette or red, coz I‘m terribly fed-up of the morons who don’t seem to know how to do the job and poo-poo on something that’s supposed to make a plain Jane a Pamela.

I’ve warned you, this will be mean.

Thus begins the main, how to not make a fool of yourself coz you got hormonal/high and decided you’re hot enough to pull a monotone gaga:


>>First off, make sure you’re not too high, and that even if you are, you’re young enough to get away with it, especially if you’re planning on some weird ass colour like magenta or a multilayered fuchsia original.

>>Even if your decision is not being made in the best state of mind, make sure you’re not doing it colour blind; if you got hit on the head by a flying cat or robot, or you ended up bobbing it against your bed post too many times and decided you can do anything, just check with someone who’s not your boyfriend or bedfellow, ya? Find that weird friend on facebook who keeps colouring her hair and ask her, she’ll definitely help way more. It doesn’t have to be a non-contrasting colour; it just has to not look weird on you.

>>Do not go for the colours of the rainbow if you’re over thirty; unless you have cancer and that’s on your bucket list. Or you can do it, if you look like ten of fifteen years younger; yes that’s possible, ugly.

>>Do not do it at home, unless you’re getting help from an expert!!! Just don’t, it’ll look like crap,and then you’ll have to go to the parlour and get them to fix it while they sweetly look you in the eye and nod when they see your masterpiece of doom on your head.

>>Since I mentioned it; if you plan on using peroxide to make the change, you’ll need to prep your hair for the change, two weeks before the change. That’s right two weeks, and this involves using olive oil and not washing your hair more than once a week; you’ll have to use a skull cap and protect your hair.

This will be especially important if you’re planning on making a change that’ll fry your hair and maybe affect the roots.

>>Right, make sure you colour the roots well, coz otherwise it’ll look weird; that’s why you need to prep, so that you don’t end up killing them when you colour up.

>>Urm, there’s this thing about young or baby hair, hair that’s just growing out from the root, it’s natural and grows in tandem with the hair that keeps falling, but when you colour your hair, depending on your original hair colour, the `baby hair’ gets coloured differently. For example, I’m a brunette, and I went natural blood red, so it had an orange base, and the baby hair kind of ended up brighter red than the rest of my hair; this is because the melanin content in the younger hair is lesser, and sometimes the baby strands themselves are thinner. I waited two days, and the problem fixed itself when the baby hair regained some melanin lost in the pre-bleaching.

>>Eye brows. Do not leave them in a contrast, ever! You only think it looks hot, it doesn’t. There are exceptions, like when you only colour the lower half of your hair and leave the first two or three inches untouched or if you’re running with a colour that’ll look weird as eyebrows, like pink, then you’ll have to thin out or merely lighten your eyebrows instead, but otherwise it’s not something a pro would do. It’s dangerous, but so is colouring your hair, go to a saloon and get it done well, don’t look like that funny girl with the eye brows!!

Alternately, you can do what Katy Perry and Nikki Minaj do, and get yourself bangs to cover your eyebrows. Colouring eye brows and hair in eccentric colours has become a trend of late, in case you didn’t know; but do it well if you’re going to, or just don’t bother.


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