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When you decide to get a plant for your home, and you’re a working woman, that preferred tree had better not be a Cinderella in the making. Trees don’t require as much care as, say, a cat would, but you’d still need to take some basic measures to make sure your tree is healthy.

When I say tree, I mean any kind of plant, no, I’m not a hippie, I don’t keep trees as pets; well that’s actually a good idea, but you’d have to decide what kind of tree you’d want coz some take years to grow, but if you’ve got your own backyard, that’s a super awesome way to get a pet and save the environment.

But whether it’s a tree or a small potted plant or a bonsai, you’ll need to remember a few things:


>>Fake trees and plants are always an easy option, probably the most sensible, but not a great option if you’re going to use the plant as company, or you want a bit of nature in your home.


>>You will have nightmares about living plants if you watch horror movies of a certain genre. It is best to keep the plant away from your bedroom space

I picked the least scary image. So imagine how spooky it can get. Do not google, you will never want to think about plans ever again. I have warned you!!


>>If you have pets, find a way to keep them away from the plants, or they will attempt to eat them. Sometimes this needs to be done for fake plants too.



>>You’ll have to consider the climate of your location, and vary it against the required nutritional needs of your plant. For example, keeping a shrub that requires lots of water while you live at around thirty degrees is a dumb option, unless you have your heart set on that specific plant.

>>There are high tech ways to automatically supply your plants with water a particular number of times a day; the equipments range from real cheap to nose bleed expensive 


The most expensive are the lab specific growth units which do not use soil, just pure nutrient solutions; they don’t just include hydroponics, there are complicated mechanisms for commercial plants wherein users play very well for good produce.


>>There are plants you can grow in fish tank, but here surface area is an issue, and if you keep a turtle, it will get curious about the plant. Alternately, there are many plants you can grow in water, if you remember fourth grade botany; they’re called Hydrophytes and include the lotus, water lilies and a lot of other pretty looking flowers.


I remember thinking they were the closest things to aliens the first time I saw this purple water cress like thing, and then our biology teacher happily told us they had no roots and attached themselves to stuff (I think they were the hyacinths) and I was scared stiff. Basically, water plants are not for the faint of heart.


Even the water lilies look scary. So the more rooted, the less frightful to look at.


>>While picking plants that don’t require too much water is a solid way to make sure you won’t forget to water or manure the plant, it doesn’t make for a serious endeavour. If you have decided to get a plant, get a plant you’ll want to look at, one that will inspire you, yes, plants do that!! Plants like bamboo can be so peaceful to look at, orchids too. Marigolds and bellflowers may take some effort, but after the first few months, when you see the first flowers, you’ll not regret it. Obviously they take effort, but you can always use a reminder app.


>>Bonsai require regular cutting and trimming, and you might have to buy special sculpting tools too, but they look beautiful. You can start with the seeds, like all plants, or you can get the grown ones, and work with them. The only problem with the readymade ones is that they don’t always come in the species I want, so I prefer to start with the seed. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t require extra attention, and they’re just like all other seedlings.

In the end, I just keep them in my balcony so that I can sip tea and stare out and feel good.

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