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Skin Deep: Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin During The Monsoon

Open pores, stubborn acne marks and more are what we wake up to on some days in the monsoon season. We might love the monsoon for the enthralling rains and aroma of wet mud but we absolutely hate what it does to our skin. Skincare woes cling on to us during this season. Despite endless DIYs and natural homemade remedies, our skin often does not show the best results. With a bunch of skincare issues attacking the skin at the same time, it will require more than just DIY remedies. A consistent routine with the right tips is what we all need to up our monsoon skincare regimen and here’s a quick guide for you to get started.

Use Water Based Moisturisers And Serums

Our skin needs nutrition and moisture, and hence moisturisers and serums have become an important part of our skincare routine. Shifting to water-based moisturisers and serums will help in keeping your skin moisturised while being lightweight. Monsoons can add a layer of excess oil and humidity on the skin, so it’s best to go for lightweight serums and moisturisers. Lookout for ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid as per your skin type and concern.

Soothing Face Packs And Masks Are A Must

Masking the right way is important. With the onset of monsoon comes a lot of skincare problems, lending our skin a weird combination of uncalled acne and layers of oil. Making helps in giving a soothing sensation to the skin and also makes it oil-free, thereby retaining the natural oil of the skin.



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