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Small Design Changes That Make a Big Impact

Small Design Changes That Make a Big Impact

Often, a quick refresh is all you need to make you feel like you have a whole new room.


Hang Sheer Curtains

Translucent drapes are typically less expensive than heavy curtains, and their go-with-anything style is much more versatile. The gauzy texture diffuses light and casts a room in a welcoming glow.

Place a Textured Pillow

If you’re not a fan of “a pop of color,” add interest to neutral decor with pillows and throws in varying textures and weaves. Knit looks provide instant coziness.

Wallpaper a Wardrobe

Placing wallpaper swatches on armoire doors is much less of a chore than papering the entire room. Plus, you can use any pattern you love: Colorful and busy prints won’t overwhelm when used in moderation.
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