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How to start after reading through Pain’s angry rambl~ I mean earnest toiling

How to start after reading through Pain’s angry rambl~ I mean earnest toiling

Okay, brave readers inspired by Pain, I, the wise Chase, will tell you how to begin the treacherous path to body fat perfection.

I’ll say this first, this is not a diet plan, just how to get started.

I used to weigh about 73 kilos, two years back, before I slimmed down to 51, and I’m still going at it. So the team thinks I should be the one giving advice on this.

I’ll be honest. At that point in my life, and yes that was when I met Pain, I was kind of a doormat. So when I heard the aforementioned rant of salvation, I was so inspired that I went cold turkey right away.

Cold turkey, meaning I threw out all the sugar in my house that day, after the worst possible break up in history. Having a friend who’ll stand up for you no matter what really helps. If you don’t have one, go find her or him. Five months down the line, you’ll look down and see that needle a few kilos less, and then you look up at that person and you’ll know you did good.

Apart from sugar, I all but quit milk too. I don’t have any lactose issues, but milk does affect the way you put on weight. But I you’re going to do that too, make sure you get you dose of calcium through cheese, spinach, and stuff. I won’t put out lists, though I did get most of my info off Livestrong.

One thing that will make a difference to your skin, will be how much of your food is organic, as in non-supplement ed. I didn’t take any supplements apart from the cod liver capsules. The stories about dropping carbs for protein being nutritionally dangerous, they’re not true. Quitting carbs worked well for me the first six months, but I had to make sure I got my regular dose of vitamin C.

And yes an hour of exercising a day is mandatory, what with all that meat and all. Our university had a gym so I got lucky on that front. But nowadays I kind of go jogging for an hour every morning, and that works out just fine.

Don’t sleep until an hour after meals. Keep cold water handy if you get hungry. For real.

Oh, and don’t forget using moisturizers, otherwise you skin will have trouble with de-stretching.

I’m available for questions, the comments section is open I guess…..

All the best!!


P.S: She was right about guys who like plump girls. ;)

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