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Summer Hair and Skin


You would probably have to shoot at me a couple of times before you could get me to keep my long locks this summer. I do not like hair of any kind when it’s hot and sticky, and I have gone as far as the clichéd sophomore skinner head. Dude, it is, like, super hot here, how do can empathetic human expect anybody to keep long hair?!! So obviously they’re not going to be around after the weekend, hopefully I decide to do a Taylor instead of a Gaga, or a crop, yikes!

Anyway, in light of the summer hair disasters of 2009, I am going to give out some pointers on hair, how to grow it, how to keep it, and emergency recues.

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Less is more, as far as sugar and salt are concerned, and your hair actually doesn’t need any sugars to survive. Also depending on your genetics, sugar and sugary sweet foods can exacerbate fungal dandruff (the smelly head effect), and mess with your body’s yeast balance, especially when temperatures rise, even if it’s only a little bit, or temperatures have an increase by four degrees. A very good substitute for the times you want something sweet, is sweet coconut water/milk. The innards of `ripe’ coconuts are really good for your keratin and melanin dependent cells, so it’s okay to eat the white flesh inside it too. And there’s no risk from having too much of the stuff or the juice, except maybe a run to the loo often. Don’t add anything into them!!

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Vitamin C and E; you can’t do one without the other. And vitamin A is also in the same bracket. Vitamin E, unfortunately is not as abundant as most medics have us believe, and heavy meat eaters also don’t get enough. Sea food and sunflower seeds are an easy way to get your required doses. Ironically, the more fish you eat, the less you and your scalp smell. A and C are not that expensive to procure; limes, oranges, carrots, spinach, edible leaf vegetables, avocado, kiwi, grape fruit, and the rest of the lot fix your intake.  But since I mentioned the sugar risk, make sure you pick fruits with lower amounts of sucrose or fructose, since there’s nothing you can have to balance the sugar imbalance. You can try aloe too, but sweetened aloe is not worth it, unless you pick a high end drink with very small amounts of sugar.

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Nuts; this one’s easy-Biotin, the miracle vitamin. And all those essential fats and lipids and acids in them will keep your hair and skin well protected. Biotin actually works with collagen to keep your skin firm and tight too, so it’s not just the strong hair.

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Make sure you take adequate amounts of water. When I say adequate, I don’t mean drown your kidneys in them; have water whenever you feel thirsty, the rest of the time, unless you’re really thirsty, don’t try to consume more than a (tea) cup and a half at once. Your pee system was not designed to handle more than that at a time, even if it can tolerate that much the first few weeks, before it starts protesting; it will protest silently for many years, before it finally breaks down, and you need a new kidney. So do not, I repeat, do not over do it.

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This last one is a shortcut. I’ve never been a fan of the usual unflavoured yoghurts and tofus and soy fermented foods, and when I do eat them, I add stuff, lots of stuff, which is not good. But there’s this Chinese supermarket nearby, and they sell these really small sized bottles of the juices of those probiotic foods, kind of like the liquor bottles you get at the hotels and on planes, and they have very high concentrates of lactic acid bacteria and what not, yes, I know what the what-nots are; so you don’t have to eat the stuff, it’s like one gulp and whoosh, your insides are saved, and thus your face too! You can have like two or three a day, lesser calories to count, you deal with the food craving too, and you can carry the tiny bottles with you anywhere. Easy peasy!

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And this one’s not exactly related, but if you live nearby, then you’ll be dealing with the sun too, so do not forget to use your sunscreens, whatever your colour, find products specific to your skin tone if you have to, cancer is a randomly moody B, and so is skin when it comes to suntan related aging; and once a week, do a full body aloe soak, hair and all. You’ll also have to reduce the number of washes a week, possible more than that, to one wash ever ten days or so, so you’d have to let your hair breathe for an hour at least every day to even it out, or you risk thinning your hair out real badly.

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