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The 6 Ways Your Sex Life Will Definitely Improve At 30


I don’t think I had an orgasm from penetration (otherwise known as a “G-spot orgasm”) until I was 28. I was convinced I was incapable of even having one at all.

“I don’t even believe a G-spot orgasm exists,” I would say, puffing on a cigarette, flicking the ash into a crushed Diet Coke can.

“Me neither! I can never come from sex! Girls who say that are lying,” my best friend would shout, stamping out her cigarette in solidarity.

But then, it finally happened to me.
Giphy EmbedMy girlfriend was fingering me, which, at that point, I only enjoyed out of novelty. The idea of a girl’s finger inside of me felt intimate, like we were ~connected~.

But in truth, it didn’t really feel that amazing. It was more of a mental thrill.

“Holy shit, holy shit, HOLY SHIT!” I screamed in amazement as I felt the spine-tingling rush of a G-spot orgasm for the first time.

My girlfriend immediately looked worried. “Babe, are you OK?”

“I just had my first inside orgasm,” I gasped, tears in my eyes.

And the sex just continued to get better each year. By the time I reached 30, my sex life reached new heights of bliss.

Here’s why your sex life will improve so drastically by 30: You’ll have orgasms from penetration.

After I had my first penetrative orgasm, they were still few and far between. But sometime between the ages of 29 and the sparkly newness of 30, I started having them every single time I had sex.

So why was I, all of a sudden, blessed with this ability to orgasm when, for so many years, I could only come from clit stimulation?

Well, I learned how to position myself in specific ways that hit the G-spot.

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