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The language of flowers

The language of flowers

Flowers are certainly more than their pretty petals and bright colors. These days, giving someone a specific bouquet might represent an act of love, friendship, sympathy, and more.

But in Victorian times, floral meanings were even more specific. The popularity of flower dictionaries soared during this period, and a “language of flowers” formed. Giving a certain arrangement could represent love, of course, but also “pensiveness,” “heartache,” “audacity,” and so much more. Of course, everyday Victorians didn’t use flowers to send each other messages, but the floral symbolism was still important to them.

Recently, the language of flowers is having a cultural resurgence, and who isn’t curious about the hidden meaning behind your favorite bloom? You may even think twice before you create your next bouquet. Or better still, just smile at the thought because a pretty flower is always something to be enjoyed.

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