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What Kate Winslet and Dua Lipa’s makeup artist does for healthy, glowing skin

Fresh, dewy, flattering—three words that define makeup artist Lisa Eldridge’s signature look on celebrities like Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman and Dua Lipa are also what make her work that much more appealing and achievable. It’s her less-is-more approach, flawless prep and finishing touches that makes you want to use makeup as tool to feel good, express more and enhance your natural features. But the key to a smooth end to your makeup routine is giving equal importance to prepping your face first. Following a skincare routine that works for you can truly elevate your final look. For Eldridge, it’s about being consistent with your daily skincare regimen and customising it based on how your skin ‘feels’ and looks like that day, “My daytime routine changes day-to-day as I tend to gear it around what I look like that morning. If I’m puffy, I like to use something that’s cold, so I always have some eye patches and sheet masks in the fridge. But if I wake up and my skin looks good, I just use a face wash and moisturiser,” she says. The author of Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, Eldridge shares her everyday routine to stay fresh and dewy always, her favourite green smoothie recipe and how she keeps her mind, body and skin calm.

A celebrity makeup artist’s daily skincare routine

  1. Exfoliate, but gently: “I have combination skin that’s what I call a ‘lazy exfoliator’, so I need to exfoliate but I do it in a very gentle way—a gel cleanser with lactic acid is a morning go-to.
  2. Sun protection, all year long: “I use sun protection every day of the year. There’s really no excuse not to use SPF daily—there are so many great products out there that offer high level protection and don’t leave skin white or ashy.”
  3. Spend time with your skin at night: “I tend to have a lot of time in the evening and really make the most of it with an epic nighttime routine—my bathroom is like a full-on spa experience. If I’m wearing eye makeup I’ll use an eye makeup remover before double cleansing with a balm. As much as I love makeup, I love taking it off. The first cleanse dissolves my makeup, and then the second cleanse is not only for the security of knowing that all my makeup is off, but it’s also my mini meditation moment—I use it as an opportunity to give myself a facial massage, which I’ll do for a while if I can.”


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