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What Those Dimples On Your Lower Back REALLY Mean


Sir Mixalot had tons to say about his passion for big butts, but what about dimpled ones?

When it comes to sex appeal, we’ve long allowed men to set the standard of what’s hot and what’s not.

Sometimes (high heels, lace underwear) they are right. Sometimes (Lucite high heels, DayGlo thongs) they are wrong. Very, very wrong. 

It was Sir Mix A Lot who popularized the big butt in the 1990s, making women the globe over proud of the buns they brandished which were sure to gain the attention of their desired gentleman and his anaconda.

But Sir Mix A Lot was far from being the first dude to be like “this particular trait? That’s what’s up, sex wise, guys.”

In fact it was the 16th century Renaissance master Michelangelo who can be first quoted as saying “Daaaayum girl back that up!”

Only he wasn’t talking about her butt specifically, but rather, the dimples that sit just above the junk in her trunk.

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